Rental Fleet

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Rental Trailers:

    2.5k 10' Utility Trailer   -   $60/Day   $325/Week   $900/Month

    2.9k 10' Utility Trailer   -   $60/Day   $325/Week   $900/Month

   5.5k 20' Car Hauler   -   $85/Day   $450/Week   $1,275/Month

 5.5k 20' Car Hauler w/ Winch - $145/Day   $770/Week   $2,175/Month

  9k 12' Dump Trailer   -   $185/Day   $975/Week   $2,775/Month

9k 12' High Side Dump Trailer   -   $200/Day   $1,050/Week   $3,000/Month

(Units Subject to Change)

Brake Controller:    $40/Day

    All tandem axle trailers- Car haulers, & dump trailers, require brake controller.

Installs starting at $275 per vehicle.

Utility Side by Sides:

    2 Seat -   $300/Day   $1,380/Week   $4,400/Month

    6 Seat -   $375/Day   $1,980/Week   $6,300/Month

(Units Subject to Change)

KIOTI Tractors:

    25 HP CS2510    -   $200/Day   $1,050/Week   $3,000/Month

    35 HP CK3510   -   $275/Day   $1,425/Week    $4,150/Month

    Mower Attachment   -   $75/Day   $375/Week   $1,000/Month

    Scrapper Attachment   -   $75/Day   $375/Week   $1,000/Month

(Units Subject to Change)

Golf Carts:

    Starting at $125/Day    $675/Week (Depending on Availability.)

 (Units Subject to Change)